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A mom of 5 (2 of her own and 3 step kids) and an entrepreneur at heart, Dr. Andrea Mills moved to Woodland Hills in 2014. Her journey with chiropractic started with a car accident at the age of 18. After years of debilitating headaches, chiropractic helped her finally get rid of them, and she decided to devote her life to helping others find solutions to their health problems.

She finished chiropractic school at the age of 34, and became a first time mom a little more than a year later. Her first pregnancy can be summed up by the word “scared.” She was scared to be a mom, scared of labor, scared of delivery, scared of being a horrible parent. In fact, growing up, she said she’d never have kids, so making the decision to become a mom was a paradigm shift in itself. Her daughter was born, she realized love is greater than fear, and she was surprised when she realized how much she loved being around kids.

Dr. Mills has been a single mom and now is a step-mom, and she understands the challenges women face in all stages of pregnancy and motherhood.

“If there’s one message I want moms to hear, it’s that wherever you are right now is OK,” said Dr. Mills. “Looking back on my deliveries, they were way more medical than I would choose now, but at the time they were perfect. Both my babies were healthy, my kids are still healthy, and I’ve learned a ton about myself.” Being a mom is the hardest job in the world, and women are subjected to unreal expectations from the media and society.

She also wants moms to know how powerful their bodies are. “It’s only in the last century or so that childbirth has become a medical issue. Women’s bodies have been creating and delivering children for millennia, but now pregnancy is classified and treated as a medical issue. The business built up around childbirth is full of fear, and moms start to doubt their inborn abilities. A good medical team is crucial, yes. But let’s not terrify mom in the process. She is able to handle everything she is experiencing. Let’s tell her that, instead of everything that might go wrong!”

Her kids have grown up with chiropractic care and she is sure that’s the reason they avoided the “regular” childhood illnesses like ear infections and frequent colds.

Dr. Mills sees that people are suffering and she knows they don’t have to. “If there’s one thing I know for sure, it’s that something can always be done,” she said. “It may not be easy, and it may not be comfortable, but answers exist. You just have to keep looking.”

She lives in Woodland Hills with her husband, Steve, and their children. She enjoys hiking, cooking (and eating – she enjoys all things food, really), reading, and traveling.

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