Why us?

At Restoration Chiropractic we believe in you! You are the key player in your health, and we are here to help. Our atmosphere is warm, fun, and friendly, but make no mistake, we are serious about what we do. We want you to understand exactly why we do what we do.

We know that people are scared of chiropractic. We understand that you may be afraid of getting hurt, or nervous about the adjustment. We want you to be comfortable and have all your questions answered. A consultation is a conversation, not a commitment. Call us and schedule yours at (818) 661-6369.

Dr. Mills focuses on moms and kids. From pre-conception to pregnancy chiropractic and beyond, and chiropractic for infants and children, we are here for you. 

We all know the brain controls the body. It sends messages down the spine and across the spinal nerves to all your tissues and cells; that’s how your body stays alive. The bones of the spine can twist and misalign. This can put pressure on the nerves, blocking some of that communication from the brain to the body parts; this is how the body begins to break down. Our job is to adjust the bone off the nerves, restoring communication from the brain to the body parts; this is how we restore normal physiology. 

Using X-rays when appropriate, state of the art scanning technology, and a full history and examination, Dr. Mills identifies the primary areas of dysfunction and works with you to restore normal structure.

We believe that the more informed you are, the better decisions you make, and we want you to understand every step of care in our office. Dr. Mills is certified in the Webster technique, which helps restore proper motion and biomechanics to a pregnant mom’s pelvis. This restoration can alleviate many secondary conditions and have positive effects on mom’s comfort and physiology. She is also well trained in infant and child care. Our unique approach to chiropractic:

  • Specific spinal corrections – Each person is carefully analyzed to determine where and when to adjust.
  • Objective measures – We use pre- and post- measurements so you can see and feel the difference.
  • Restoration of stability – You don’t want to be adjusted over and over again. You want corrections that last.
  • Transparency – No pricing gimmicks or fancy insurance games. We’ll give it to you straight so you know what we can accomplish and how much it will cost.

Would you like to talk with Dr. Mills about your health? Schedule a complimentary consultation for a review of your health history. At Restoration Chiropractic, a consultation is a conversation, NOT a commitment.

Looking for Answers?

Looking for Answers?

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